The menu you have in front of you is a kaleidoscope through which the lights of forgotten traditions and modern trends refract.

Our meals extend the interpretation of the Balkan soul, authentic slow food philosophy that uses an abundance of autochthonous ingredients, helps self-sustaining farming communities, and works closely with herbalists and mushroom growers. The food contains the code of the nation through centuries, dishes they prepared are also the testimony of their cultural identity. Through a mix of different flavors on the plate you can experience the collision of civilizations that have been taking place in the Balkans from time immemorial, to the rhythm of national dance – kolo, they are constantly moving in a closed circle, and encourage us in motion and spiritual union. The forgotten drinks and sweets are patiently waiting to be rediscovered and clothed in modern garments, to walk out of the stories from past generations that we missed in our hectic lifestyle and to remind us of the eternal noble values, of the loyalty to fruits of the earth we originated from, to our family and friends.

There is a menu in front of you from which we can learn and comprehend the potential of a mythical region, the growing up of one dish from humble roots of Grandma's Kitchen to sophisticated interpretation of world cuisine. It is a story with a big „S“, with meals you enjoy with your friends, and after visiting the restaurant you retell again and again. The story that has just begun and that we will constantly add in writing.

Cooking for you and creating tastes, Saša Mišić

Dedicated to satisfaction of our guests, and winning the standards of excellence in the hospitality industry our team of chefs, waiters, bartenders, managers, technical staff... Continuously working on its improvement and carefully listening to your wishes with a single purpose - to keep you gladly coming back and book your table for pleasant moments of hedonism.